T.A.P.F.T. stands for There’s A Process For That®, which is first and foremost a recognition that for whatever result you wish to create, there is a process for making that happen. It is also the recognition that there is a process for finding those processes. That process is called The Four Steps of Accomplishment.

Our Motto: People Don’t Fail, Only Processes Fail
Our Service: Helping People Develop Better Processes

At TAPFT, we sell Success. More specifically, we help people and companies find the processes needed to create the results they want.

We do this by using and teaching our proprietary Four Steps of Accomplishment. Simply stated, The Four Steps of Accomplishment are the steps you have used to accomplish everything you have ever accomplished. They are also the steps you will use to accomplish everything you will accomplish in the future. What you may not realize is that your probability of Success is directly related to your mastery of these steps.

At The TAPFT Company, our mission is:

To build a community of companies and people who can say “We are going to accomplish all the things we want to accomplish regardless of what others might think is or is not possible.”

If you would like to be part of that community, please contact Perry Watkins, Owner\President of The TAPFT Company at Perry@tapft.com or 954-295-1841 and let’s discuss how we can make that happen.