The Agile Boom

Oops. This is one of the articles I had on my “To Write” list. I mentioned this article in a comment and then came here to write it. After four introductory pages of “The history of software development” that were boring even me, I decided to cycle back to that part later.

So, let me bottom line it.

There is a tremendous amount of excitement out there about Agile software development and the various #framemethods that have been associated with it.

And rightfully so! It’s a great idea and I think it has much potential.

But lately, I have been hearing about or reading about many companies who have concluded that they need to or have to adopt the Agile philosophy throughout their entire company.

This is a big mistake and represents one of the most common misunderstandings about Agile.

Agile is about software development. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than software development.

What companies do need to understand is that virtually everyone in the company is part of the software development process. It’s not just the IT department, those geeky folks to whom you send instructions. Everyone is part of the process and how well each person performs his or her role in that process has a direct impact on ETA reliability, cost, and end-user satisfaction.