Is Scrum a Framework or a Methodology?

I am so sick of this conversation. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

I write a lot about Scrum and, God forbid I should accidently call it a method or methodology. Invariably, some bonehead will comment “It’s not a methodology, it’s a framework” and then go off on a tirade designed to show just how smart they are. And then all the other boneheads go off-topic chasing bonehead #1.

I know because I used to be that bonehead. (I apologize)

I get it. It’s a framework. It’s a framework. Yes, dear God in heaven, it’s a framework. But most of the times when I’m writing about Scrum, I’m discussing a specific step or rule that is part of the method that partially defines the framework. Other times I want to mention all the methodologies that are associated with Agile but again, I have to differentiate Scrum as being a framework.

So, I have created a new word and hashtag; #FrameMethod and a hyperlink to this post at to explain what it means and how it can be used. Which can also be added as a link FrameMethod

I intend to use it instead of the words method, methodology or framework whenever I am writing about Scrum, as in:

“Scrum is a framemethod…”
“Scrum is a #framemethod…”
“Extreme Programming, Kanban and Scrum are just some of the #FrameMethods that are often connected to the Agile philosophy”

This completely eliminates the bonehead factor. (I did apologize for my past boneheadedness, right?)

As mentioned above, it could also be used to describe the methods that are part of the Scrum framework, as in:

“Scrum is a software development framework that comprises a number of principles and #framemethods”